It is our great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 8th edition of the Workshop on Plasmonics and its Applications, "PLASMONICA 2022", to be held on July 7-8, 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Plasmonica is an annual conference aimed at bringing together a thriving community of researchers interested in Plasmonics and Nanophotonics. In particular, the conference encourages the attendance of early career researchers, PhD students, and post-docs, as an opportunity to share their latest results, to discuss recent advances in the field, and to start new collaborations on challenging scientific topics. The Workshop will follow the Third Edition of the International School on Plasmonics and Nano-Optics, July 4-7, 2022.

PLASMONICA 2022 is organized by the Polytechnic University of Turin and it is supported by SIOF (the Italian branch of EOS)

Looking forward to seeing you in Torino !

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  • Nonlinear plasmonics
  • Quantum plasmonics
  • Ultrafast nano-optics
  • Plasmon-exciton polaritons
  • Thermo- and Magneto-Plasmonics
  • Hybrid metallo-dielectric nanophotonics
  • Metamaterials
  • Spectroscopy and nano-imaging
  • Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
  • Metal-enhanced fluorescence
  • Sensors and Biosensors
  • Devices and Applications





The Politecnico di Torino main campus is a large complex of buildings in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi. It was opened in November 1958, after the former Industrial Museum was completely destroyed during World War II.The buildings were originally designed for use as classrooms, laboratories, offices and rooms for the requirements of the various institutions. Over the years the campus has been extended to meet the changes in both teaching and management needs. Particular attention has been paid to creating study rooms, green areas and other facilities in order to create a pleasant environment. All communal areas across the campus are easily accessible with no architectural barriers and comply with current fire safety regulations. The construction of the new Cittadella Politecnica complex in Corso Castelfidardo began in 1997 when Politecnico di Torino acquired the former Officine Grandi Riparazioni. The Cittadella has greatly extended the main campus and demonstrates the importance placed on developing strong links between the Politecnico di Torino and the socio-economic structure of the surrounding region. The Cittadella is a single integrated complex of buildings of high architectural and urban value whose spaces are used by companies and management services, University and individual citizens.

How to reach Politecnico di Torino

The easiest way to reach the conference venue is by entering the Cittadella Politecnica of the Polytechnic University of Turin from the parking entrance located in Corso Castelfidardo 42bis, underneath the south bridge. It is ten minutes from the Porta Susa train station. In alternative, you can take the Metro line from either Porta Susa or Porta Nuova train stations and get off at the "Vinzaglio" stop. Inside the Politecnico you will find signs carrying the Plasmonica2020 logo pointing to the conference rooms (Classroom P). Support staff will eventually assist you to reach the conference site.
For sponsors: Please get into the parking entrance in Corso Castelfidardo 42bis or Corso Einaudi 44.


The international airport of Torino Caselle is 16 km from the city centre, connected by bus service from/to with a 40 mins. ride, and by train in 19 mins. The Airport provides direct flights to the main European/Intercontinental hubs. Getting to the airport:
• By train – a railway line connects Caselle airport with Dora GTT Station in Turin. Departures every 30 minutes. Journey time: 19 minutes. A bus route connects the Dora GTT and Porta Susa stations, quickly and easily.
• By bus – the centre of Turin is easily reachable in 40 minutes using the SADEM bus service.
• Taxis can be found outside the airport, outside the Arrival gate. The journey time is about 30 minutes between the airport and the center of Turin with an approximate cost of 30 Euros. Info at TAXI TORINO: tel. (+39) 011 5730/37

All the main italian cities are directly connected to Turin by fast trains. You you can take the Trenitalia Freccia trains or NTV. Choose either Porta Susa or Porta Nuova Station as final destination.

Torino is connected via motorway to most major European cities: Milan in 60 minutes (140 km), Genoa in 90 (170 km), Nice (220 km) and Geneva (252 km) in two and a half hours, Lyon in three hours and Zürich in four. An extended highway system connects Torino to the most important national and transeuropean network system:

• A4 Torino-Milano-Venezia from Central and Eastern Europe

• A5 Torino-Ivrea-Aosta and Mont Blanc Tunnel from France and Switzerland

• A6 Torino-Fossano-Ceva-Savona from Liguria and Southern France

• A21 Torino-Asti-Alessandria + A26 Torino-Genova from Central and Southern Italy

• A21 Torino-Asti-Alessandria-Piacenza from Central and Southern Italy

• A23 Torino-Frejus from France

All the motorways link up to the Torino ring-road.


In recent years, the city of Turin has invested a lot in tourism especially during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, which has led to the diffusion of new hotels of international chains, like Best Western, Holiday Inn Hotels, etc. There are several possibilities for accommodation, here below we suggest some options close to the Politecnico and the city center.

NH Torino Centro
[ 750 m ]
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 104
10121 Torino
Tel. +39 011 57521
Best Quality Politecnico
[ 500 m ]
Corso Peschiera 117 BIS
10141 Torino
Tel. +39 011 385 3953
Best Quality Dock Milano
[ 1.5 km ]
Via Cernaia 46, 10122 Torino
Tel.+39 011 562 2622
Best Western Genio
[ 1.8 km ]
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 47
10125 Torino
Tel.+39 011 650 5771

Best Western Luxor
[ 1.3 km ]
Corso Stati Uniti 7, 10128 Torino
Tel. +39 011 562 0777
Hotel Bologna
[ 1.5 km ]
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 60
10121 Torino
Tel. +39 011 562 0193
Hotel Montevecchio
[ 1 km ]
Via Rodolfo Montevecchio 13bis 10128 Torino
Tel. +39 081 557 1035
Hotel Eden
[ 2.2 km ]
Via Gaetano Donizetti 22
10126 Torino
Tel. +39 011 669 9545

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